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The handle won't move, what's the issue?

2023-10-24 11:20:22

        Nowadays, many car owners will install central locking on their cars for safety, but there are also many people who doubt the safety of central locking on their cars. Today, the editor will tell you about this issue. First of all, we need to understand what is the function of the car's central locking? In fact, the car's central locking is a device that controls the driving of the vehicle. It is mainly used to prevent the driver's misoperation from causing the car to roll away, be stolen, etc. So, can this switch installed on the center console ensure our driving safety? Let's first look at how it works. Generally speaking, as long as the switch is implemented through a mechanical mechanism, it can be controlled through physical methods, so theoretically, the switch installed on the center console can be turned on normally. However, it should be noted that since most models on the market currently use electronic handbrakes, the electronic handbrakes will not malfunction during actual use, and therefore cannot be turned off physically. Once you encounter an emergency and need to manually open the door, you need to use your key or mobile phone. This means that if we press this button while driving, it will distract us and increase the probability of an accident. Of course, in addition to these, another reason is that most models on the market are not equipped with child seat interfaces, so if this configuration is installed, it will be very inconvenient when getting off the car.