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Truck Shifting Techniques

2023-09-15 10:46:16

        1. Trucks typically have 8 gears, with gears 1 to 4 considered low gears and gears 5 to 8 considered high gears. 2. Generally, starting from 2nd gear and gradually increasing the gear is the standard procedure. Starting in 4th gear when the truck is empty is incorrect as the driving speed should match the gear. Starting at a high speed can intensify vehicle wear. 3. Gears 3 and 8 do not have synchronizers. When shifting, it's advisable to use the "double-clutching" method. Follow the principle of "press (clutch), lift (to neutral), press (clutch), engage (into high gear)" to easily shift gears. 4. Remember the principle of "accelerate before upshifting, decelerate before downshifting." In other words, when upshifting, apply some throttle first to increase speed. When downshifting, slightly release the throttle to decrease speed. 5. When downshifting, follow the principle of "press (clutch), release (to neutral), raise (clutch), apply (throttle), press (clutch), engage (into low gear)." Use a double-clutch technique, releasing the clutch in between, and give a slight burst of throttle after the first clutch release. 6. Unless there are special circumstances, avoid shifting gears out of sequence. 7. Generally, higher gears are more fuel-efficient than lower gears, so it's advisable to gradually upshift after starting and avoid dragging the gears.